Constantius of Lyon

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Constantius von Lyon ( Latinized Constantius Lugdunensis ; * around 420-430; † around 494) was an orator, poet and priest of the 5th century.

Although he is known to come from a noble family, little is known about his life. His year of birth is also unknown. However, it is certain that he was already old and weak when he researched his work De Vita sancti Germani around 480. Hence, his birth seems likely between 420 and 430. It is also unclear whether he was born in Lyon . Only an acquaintance with Patience, the then bishop of Lyon, is proven.

In Lyon or in a nearby town he began work on the biography of Germanus von Auxerre . His book was completed before 494 and describes the life of the bishop in Gaul in the second half of the 5th century. This book does not contain dates, but places names, people and details of titles.

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