Corel Photo-Paint

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Corel Photo-Paint

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Basic data

developer Corel
Current  version 2020 (22)
operating system Windows
programming language C ++
category Image editing program
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

Corel Photo-Paint is an image editing program for editing raster graphics . The manufacturer is Corel Inc. , a software company headquartered in Ottawa ( Canada ).

The program is not sold individually, but is part of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite . The current version is Corel Photo-Paint X8, which corresponds to version 18. Photo-Paint is mainly used for manipulating images.

Photo-Paint does not have a large market share, but is comparable to Adobe Photoshop in the prepress area . Photo-Paint also has fully functional CMYK support with color management as a prerequisite for implementation in four-color printing . On the one hand, every new version of Photo-Paint tried to catch up with the capabilities of Photoshop and its tools, on the other hand, there were also innovations with Photo-Paint, for example text based on a curve , two years before Photoshop did Function offered.

Since almost all editing functions and effects in both programs are now identical, the newer versions can open the Photoshop files (with the extensions PSD) from the same year while retaining all layers (called "objects" in Photo-Paint) and also as save such again. Version X5 can accordingly open and edit Photoshop CS4 files natively .

In version X5, the color management has been completely reprogrammed and now corresponds to the global industry standard. This sometimes leads to color differences when editing files from previous versions.

Photo-Paint can be expanded with photoshop-compatible plugins.

Automation through scripts

Like Corel Draw , Photo-Paint also offers the possibility of expanding functionality with programming languages. On the one hand, Visual Basic for Applications can be used since version 9 , and on the other hand Corel’s own programming language Corel Script, which has not been documented since version 9 and is a Basic dialect. Until then, there was also a separate script editor with detailed help for all commands. If you record a command chain in Photo-Paint with the included recorder and save it, you can easily open and edit this file with a text editor . These scripts can then also be integrated into the batch processing of Photo-Paint and thus applied to many images.

Versions for non-Windows platforms

  • Corel Inc. provided version 9 as freeware for Linux ; However, this Linux version is not a full port because it was implemented with the Wine emulator .
  • From version 12 until 2018, Corel did not offer a version for Macintosh .

CPT file format

Corel Photo-Paint offers the proprietary file format CPT with the extension .cpt. Up to version 6 these are TIFF files . With higher versions, the files can only be viewed, converted and edited with tools from Corel.

The format version can be found out using a text or hex editor. For files written with Corel Photo Paint 9 or 10, for example, CPT9FILE is on the first or second line.

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