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The term corporate behavior (Amer. Engl. Corporate behavior ) and corporate behavior described as part of the corporate identity (corporate identity) the behavior of an organization to achieve its corporate objective .


The corporate behavior of a company is seen as a further element of corporate identity (CI) alongside corporate communication (CC) and corporate design (CD). The corporate behavior is flexible and changeable insofar as it describes a process for achieving a corporate goal rather than the goal to be achieved itself. The evaluation criterion for a self-contained corporate behavior is the stringency and consistency of the behavior to achieve a corporate goal. The stringency can be described by the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the economic, communicative and social effects and consequences. The corporate behavior is the actual behavior and behavior of a company, the activities that are perceptible by the stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, media), in which credibility plays a central role. The corporate behavior describes the external point of view of a company and often differs from statements made by the company in the form of the corporate mission statement (corporate philosophy) and the corporate guidelines. A company is only credible if it has a code of conduct such as B. a code of conduct in the sense of a corporate behavior exist.


The corporate behavior can be broken down into conditional, monetary behaviors (e.g.): price behavior / supply behavior, products (lines, divisions), sales, investment / financing behavior and non-monetary behavior (e.g.): social behavior, communication and information behavior , roughly divide.


Corporate behavior can also be measured in terms of financial communication: communication of the monetary image of corporate development and communication of corporate strategy (in other words: what is really being invested in - does this correspond to the communicated image of how I as a company deal with my money).


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