Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University

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The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) is a division of New York University (NYU). It is named after Richard Courant , who was Professor of Mathematics at New York University from 1936 to 1972 .

Courant founded the Department of Mathematics at New York University . In 1946 it was renamed the Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics . Courant, who had been expelled from Göttingen by the National Socialists and was one of the main representatives of the Hilbert School there, built the institute in the USA with a lot of his own initiative and raised funds from industry for it. The focus was on partial differential equations (represented by Peter Lax and Louis Nirenberg and Jürgen Moser with a focus on dynamic systems) and their applications, including numerical applications on computers (scientific computing). Today the focus is also on computer science and stochastics.

In 1952 the US Atomic Energy Commission built one of the first (electronic) computers, which led to the founding of the Courant Mathematics and Computing Laboratory . Additional departments were the Division of Magnetofluid Dynamics in 1954 and the Division of Computational Fluid Dynamics in 1978 .

You are involved in the publication of Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics .

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