Código Civil (Spain)

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Title page of the Código Civil Español (1888 edition)

The Código Civil is the Spanish civil code from 1889. In many areas it is based on the French Civil Code , but has also produced a number of legal figures of its own. Family law and inheritance law in particular are based on independent Iberian legal traditions. Except for family law, the Código civil does not apply in the whole of Spain: In numerous areas, so-called formal rights apply .

The code of law is still in force in Spain (in its form, which has been changed many times since then) and was the basis of several codifications in Latin America , some of which are still valid today .


German translation of the legal text (in the version dated January 7, 2000): Witold Peuster: Código Civil. The Spanish Civil Code. Spanish-German text edition. Edition for international business, Frankfurt am Main, 2002.