DVCPro family

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Professional DVCPro tape from FUJIFILM, 126 minutes running length
Panasonic AJ-D95DC professional DVCPro50 tape recorder

The DVCPRO tape is a 1/4- inch -Metallpartikelband maximum playing time of 126 minutes in the type L . Type M tapes (small cassettes ) are available with a playing time of 12, 24, 33 and 66 minutes, as well as type L tapes with 34, 66, 94 and 126 minutes playing time.


DVCPro is a variant of the digital video standard and was developed by Panasonic in 1995 for use in electronic reporting .


In contrast to the standard DV system, DVCPro uses color subsampling according to the 4: 1: 1 standard, for both 50 Hertz and 60 Hertz versions, in order to avoid generation loss. Sound tracks are recorded with 16 bit / 48 kHz. In addition, the track width with DVCPro has been increased by 8 μm to 18 μm, which reduces the risk of dropouts . Two longitudinal tracks provide support for timecode . The tape is transported 80% faster than standard DV. This results in a shorter recording time and in the unavailability of a long play mode.