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Danilowski Department Store (2017)

The Danilowski department store is a department store in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow . It was built from 1930 to 1936 with a brief interruption. Originally designed by Alexander Boldyrew , it was redesigned by the architect Georgi Oltarscheski during the construction period . The building is an interesting example of an adaptation of constructivist buildings to an early variant of socialist classicism that took place during the construction period .


In the late 1920s, Moscow authorities paid great attention to the construction of department stores and selected architects on a competitive basis. The competition for the project of the Danilowski department store was held in 1928 , the winner was the civil engineer Alexander Boldyrew. His project initially included the construction of two symmetrical buildings, but funding was cut as soon as the drawings were made, so Boldyrew had to simplify the project into a single corner building with ribbon glazing. Work began in 1930, but was soon stopped due to concerns about the toxicity of the soil: In the 19th century, there was a paint and varnish factory on the site. An investigation showed that the chemical content was within acceptable limits, but construction continued to be suspended due to lack of funds and did not resume until 1933. The architect Georgi Oltarschewski, who returned from emigration , was commissioned to complete the department store project. By the 1930s, Boldyrew's constructivist project had no longer lived up to the demands of the time, so Oltarzhisky revised it and added classic elements. The department store was Oltarshevsky's last building.

The department store opened on August 9, 1936. During the war years, the facility continued to operate, employees served customers during the day, and at night they worked on the roof, protecting the building from incendiary bombs. The department store has repeatedly won the socialist All-Union competition, received certificates of honor and received the red banner. In 1973 it received the title of "Company of Excellent Service".

In 1992 the company was privatized and restructured into the joint stock company "Handelshaus Danilowski".


Boldyrew's revision of the project reflects the pan-European architectural trend of the 1930s: a simple building shape, a cylindrical element, a combination of cornices and window frames that form a large-scale ornament. Based on the traditions of Art Deco , Oltarschewski turned elements around a corner. On the storefronts of the department store, he placed covered galleries behind a vertical glass window.

The original interior of the department store was lost in the 1940s. When designing the department store, the Moscow architects adapted the monumental language of Art Deco to the Soviet production realities. In the design of the ground floor (anteroom, lobby, counter and telephone booths), large rounded shapes and gradations were used. The walls were clad with valuable wood and decorated with veneer ornaments, marble, parquet, terrazzo and Metlahskaya tiles were used in the floors. Steel, brass and plastics were widely used for decoration. Furniture and retail equipment were specially designed for the department store: shop windows, counters and cash registers.

From 2011 to 2016 the building was restored in coordination with the monument protection office. The historical appearance was restored: the facade and the main staircase with railing were restored. In the course of the work, the technical infrastructure was renewed and a special mass was pumped into the walls affected by the erosion, which restored their strength.

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