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Dependenz ( Latin dependere : to be dependent) is a technical synonym for dependency (relationship) , that is, for the relationship of the dependence of one thing on another in some way.

Philosophically, the term denotes a reference, a relationship, a degree of interaction, a relationship between material and immaterial phenomena, objects in such a way that one influences or determines the other or both influence or determine each other.

Types of dependency

The following types of dependencies are distinguished:

  • The logical dependence : the dependence of one thought form on the other in Wilhelm Windelband : We think of the real meaning of the logical dependence in terms of the law
  • the categorical dependency : a relation of causality and dependence (that is, of cause and effect) in Immanuel Kant
  • the ethical dependency : the setting of behavioral norms through principles, taboos, moral regulations, etc. a.
  • the interdependence : the reciprocal dependence in the form of influencing the one on the other and vice versa
  • the political dependency : z. B. in the appearance of the imperialism theory or the interdependence theory within the framework of liberation theology
  • the grammatical dependence : (syntactic) dependency between two word shapes, see Dependency
  • the religious dependency : the relation of man to the divine idea
  • the ontological dependence : the real determination of a thing from other
  • the conative dependency : the possible determinations which accompany a thing, an object through properties and characteristics; This dependence can also act as attributive dependence are called
  • the independence : no dependence; independence


Rudolf Goclenius the Elder , in his work Lexicon philosophicum Graecum (1615), differentiates between dependentia essentialiter , dependentia accidentaliter , dependentia causalis and dependentia personalis . In psychology , a dependency analysis is undertaken in experimental investigations , whereby the analysis of the lawful relationships of independent and dependent variables is carried out.

Dependence and conditionality

The connection between dependence and conditionality is that the condition sets the nature of the nature of the dependence.

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