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Dhrystone is the name of a general test program ( benchmark ) to compare the performance of different computers or compilers .

The computing power describes how many iterations of this test program are processed per second and is specified in " Dhrystone s / s". The unit Dhrystone MIPS , DMIPS for short (1 DMIPS = 1757 Dhrystones / s) is also often used. This scaling factor comes from running the Dhrystone benchmark on a VAX 11/780 that achieved a Dhrystone score of 1757 and was considered a 1- MIPS machine. This is why the designation Dhrystone VAX MIPS is sometimes preferred to emphasize the reference to the VAX 11/780.

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The Dhrystone test was developed by Reinhold Weicker in 1984. The benchmark only contains integer operations, so its name is a play on words on the then very popular floating-point benchmark Whetstone (English wet = wet, dry = dry).

Like most benchmarks, Dhrystone is made up of standard code, and its focus is on string operations. The program is heavily influenced by hardware and software design, compilers , linkers , code optimization , cache memories and integer data types .

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