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Blue service booklet and green military certificate.

The service booklet ( DB ) serves as proof of completion of compulsory military service and compulsory military service in the Swiss Army , in civilian service and in civil defense .

Every 18-year-old Swiss and (voluntarily) every Swiss woman who is assigned to one of these organizations receives a service booklet. The service booklet is to be kept until release from the various duties and presented to the authorized authorities on request.

The service book basically documents the entire activities of the conscript. Since the service booklet contains, among other things, sporting achievements or entries about restricted suitability, it is subject to data protection .

The service log also contains the relevant instructions as to who may have access to the DB or who is authorized to make, change or even delete entries.

Old and new DB

Until the army reform in 1995 there were two service books. The army service booklet had a gray dust jacket, that of the civil defense a yellow one. Since the introduction of the 3-day recruitment process, only the smaller-format, blue-colored, new service booklet has been handed out to those required to provide employment.

In addition to the blue service booklet, there is the green military performance certificate (MLA, sometimes also called shooting booklet), which provides more information about military performance in various areas such as training courses, compulsory shooting , off-duty competitions and others.

Structure of the old, gray service booklet

Service booklet from 1931 (year of collection)
Leaflet for food to be brought along in the event of mobilization

The pages of this booklet are uniformly beige-brown:

  • Cover page with family name, first name and matriculation number ;
  • Pages 0 and 1 for sticking mobilization notes, special dispensing orders or dispensation orders as well as the provisions for food and equipment in the case of war mobilization.
  • Page 2 with instructions to the owner of the service log
  • Page 3 with personal details (I.)
  • Page 4 on physical performance testing (II .; when lifting) and sanitary examinations (III.); Including orders from the Sanitary Investigation Commission on the occasion of the levy: stamp “fit for service”, “fit for auxiliary service” or “unsuitable”.
  • Page 5 with later findings and rulings from investigative commissions
  • Page 6 with special examinations and vaccinations
  • Page 6a with orders from the troop doctors
  • Page 6b: Military insurance with a list of hospital care days as a military patient
  • Page 7 on the classification of the recruitment (IV.) With the type of service, the recruitment function as well as subsequent transfers and special training
  • Page 8 with the division into troops or staffs (V.) and the address of the current commander
  • Page 9 with changes in grade (VI.) And awards (VII.)
  • Pages 10/11 with general information on equipment (VIII .; first delivery, subsequent deliveries, re-equipping and return of all or part of the equipment) - any rental weapons label is also stuck here.
  • Pages 12/13 Crew equipment with a detailed list of all objects to be grasped
  • Pages 13a / 13b Replacement and exchange as well as restoration
  • Pages 14 / 14a Footwear (handover, repairs and shoe inspections)
  • Pages 15 / 15a Officer equipment
  • Pages 16–18 regulations and maps
  • Page 19: Gun control and municipal equipment inspection (X .; structured according to personal weapon and rental weapon)
  • Pages 20–27d: Service or payment of compulsory military compensation (XI .; space for 122 entries)
  • Pages 28/29: Vacation abroad (XII .; issue, renewal and re-registration)
  • Pages 30–33: Place of residence / changes (XIII .; deregistration and registration)
  • The last two pages are occupied by further leaflets, an envelope for the military identity card and the postal address of the person required to report.

Construction of the new, blue service booklet

  • Cover page with family name, first name and AHV number ;
  • brown pages with eviction / recruitment function , classification, degree and / or function, special training, awards and entries about each service attended, such as refresher courses ; Services that were performed in alternative civilian service are placed loosely in the service booklet on separate sheets.
  • red pages with entries about equipment and personal weapons ( assault rifle or pistol);
  • blue pages with medical data, vaccination entries and athletic performance during recruitment ;
  • again brown pages with the owner's address and address.

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