Digital Betacam

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Digital Betacam (also called Digibeta ) was a widely used storage medium in television technology . A block-based DCT process is used as compression . The compression rate is around 2: 1. In addition to the image, four digital audio tracks and an analog CUE track are recorded on a digital Betacam cassette. Timecode can be recorded as LTC and as VITC .

Digital Betacam, introduced in 1993 , is backwards compatible with Betacam and Betacam SP in some device versions , and is more cost-effective than devices based on the D-1 standard published in 1986 , such as the Sony DVR-1000 . Like analog Betacam, Digital Betacam has S and L tapes, but with a maximum recording time of 40 and 124 minutes respectively. Digital Betacam is characterized by better video quality and greater reliability. In addition, there are no noticeable copying losses when copying using the digital SDI interfaces. The Digital Betacam format records a DCT-compressed component video signal with a 10-bit YCbCr 4: 2: 2 sampling in PAL (720 × 576) or NTSC (720 × 486). The signal has a bit rate of 90 Mbit / s and four uncompressed audio channels that are PCM -coded at 48 kHz with a resolution of 20 bit . The four audio channels are also very conveniently output as PCM stream via the SDI video interfaces and of course also accepted ( SDI audio embed ). A fifth audio channel for cueing and a linear time code (LTC) track are also provided on the tape. The covers of the video cassettes from Digital Betacam are usually blue, the cassettes themselves are gray at Sony and blue at Fuji.

The studio MAZ machines of the DVW-5xx series have the same dimensions as the last generation of their analogue predecessors. Apart from the additional digital interfaces, the connections on the rear are essentially the same as those of the previous VTR (e.g. BVW-75 from SONY).

Common players and recorders

  • Sony DVW-250P - portable recorder
  • Sony DVW-500P - Recorder
  • Sony DVW-510P player
  • Sony DVW-A220 - portable recorder
  • Sony DVW-A500P - recorder, can also play Betacam and BetacamSP
  • Sony DVW-A510P - player, can also play Betacam and BetacamSP
  • Sony J3 / J30 SDI player, can also play BetacamSP, Betacam SX and Betacam IMX in addition to DigitalBetacam

Further storage media and storage solutions from Sony in the order of their development are:

Individual evidence

  1. Function overview Sony J30 / J30SDI