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As Dimission (from the Latin. Dimissio "dismissal" "dismissed, goodbye" to dimittere) exclusion from an organization that dismissal is referred from one position or the resignation of a person.

The term is mostly considered out of date today, but is still in use in the student language of the corporates . There are different levels of dimission, which are not used in this form in all connection types:

  • Dimission for a certain time (ad tempus), also known as "Black Forest". The term comes from the fact that no colors may be worn during the dimission. Connections that neither carry nor wear colors are called black connections .
  • Dimission baw, d. H. for the time being
  • Dimission ip (in perpetuum), d. H. in the long run
  • Dimission ci cum infamia , d. H. in the long run with shame

In canon law , dimission is used to describe, among other things, the “dismissal” (authorization) of a parishioner to marry in another parish. The marriage license of the home pastor is called accordingly Dimissoriale ("discharge certificate").

The church punishment of the Dimission describes in the law of the Roman Catholic Church the compulsory dismissal from the clergy .