Cathedral curator

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The cathedral custodian ( Latin Summus custos "Supreme Guardian") of a cathedral is responsible for its structural upkeep, equipment, jewelry and supervision, looks after the cathedral treasure , arranges cleaning, preparation of services and ringing the bells . His deputy is the sub-custodian .

The word custos is derived from the Latin word custodia , which means guard, shield, protection, preservation, supervision, care, custody.

Because of the supervision of the cathedral treasure, the term “ thesaurary ” was used instead in some cathedral churches , such as Magdeburg . Elsewhere, the term “thesaurar” is used to describe the office of revenue administrator, which is usually incumbent on the cathedral provost.

The office of cathedral custodian is partly an independent main office within a cathedral chapter , for example until 1806 in Salzburg, partly one of the offices of cathedral dean , for example in Mainz, or is exercised in personal union with other offices.

The cathedral curator is often the head of the cathedral building office and its cathedral building hut . In the past, the responsibility mostly extended to the other buildings of the cathedral immunity .

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