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Medal of Baldwin Drentwett (1574)

Drentwett was a widespread Augsburg artist dynasty , from which more than 30 members worked from the 16th to the 18th century, primarily as goldsmiths and silversmiths, medalists and painters on behalf of many courts in Europe.

Known members

  • Balduin Drentwett (1545–1627), goldsmith, medalist; founder of the dynasty from Friesland
  • Elias I. Drentwett (around 1588–1643), son of Baldwin
  • Abraham I. Drentwett (1614–1666)
  • Abraham II. Drentwett (1647–1729), goldsmith, wax boss, engraver
  • Abraham III Drentwett
  • Abraham IV. Drentwett
  • Emanuel Abraham Drentwett (1681–1753)
  • Jonas Drentwett (1656–1736), fresco
  • Johann Christoph I. Drentwett
  • Philip Jacob III. Drentwett


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