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A cave terrain for a miniature role-playing game
An isometric variant of NetHack : Falcon's Eye

A dungeon (usually the dungeon in German ; English for “dungeon”, “dungeon”) is a system of rooms and corridors nested like a maze in role , board and computer games . The players explore the dungeon, which is often underground, in order to recover objects that are useful or relevant for the plot and to fight against monsters lurking there .


As already indicated in the name, dungeons usually develop a creepy atmosphere, often they are designed as catacombs or expanded cave systems, sometimes as underground labyrinths that were intentionally created as hiding places for treasures and as a place to stay for monsters.

Sometimes the term dungeon, deviating from the actual meaning of the word, is also extended to buildings and other above-ground locations if they serve the same purpose in terms of game technology.


In some MMORPG there is a special form of dungeon, the so-called instance . In terms of concept and structure, these are normal dungeons as defined above. However, for various reasons (such as gaming experience or performance considerations), this dungeon is created as a copy for each group that enters it. It can fight monsters, solve quests and collect treasure independently of other groups .

Reverse Dungeon is a scenario in which the player takes on the role of monsters instead of heroes. The computer game Dungeon Keeper is an example of a reverse dungeon , although it caricatures the stereotypes of role-playing games .

True Dungeon or Real Dungeon is a life-size replica of dungeons in the LARP scene.

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