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Hack and slash [ ˌhækənsleɪ ] (of English. To hack for dt. Chop and to slay for slain ) or hack and slash ( to slash for slash , slash ) is from the RPG -derived term that itself to a play or Game system refers in which the aspect of the fight is strongly pronounced and is in the foreground compared to the actual game of a character role.

The name arose from the beginnings of pen & paper role-playing games , in which there was little role-play in the actual sense of the word in the adventure books , but instead increasingly monster battles were fought, so the level up only took place by successfully killing the opponent. In LARP there is also fighting, but in this type of role-playing game, the embodiment of the character to be played is in the foreground.

The card game Munchkin is a parody of the hack-and-slay role-playing game.

Video games

The term is mainly used in relation to action role-playing games on the computer or game console . In hack-and-slay video games, it is often or primarily the player's task to kill monsters with various weapons or spells in order to get loot or to complete a quest . The term is also used as an alternative term for this genre.

Well-known representatives of the hack-and-slay genre are:


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