Heritage Guitar

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Heritage Guitar Inc.
legal form Corporation
founding 1985
Seat Kalamazoo , United States
Branch Musical instruments
Website www.heritageguitar.com

Heritage Guitar Inc. (English Heritage : Erbe) is an American guitar manufacturer . The company was founded in Kalamazoo , Michigan , on April 1, 1985 by former employees of Gibson guitar maker , after Gibson relocated production to Nashville , Tennessee . The production takes place in the old Gibson factory in traditional handwork.

The first instrument produced by Heritage in June 1985 was a solid body guitar (model HM 140 ) similar to the Gibson Les Paul . In addition to solid bodies, today's range also includes half and full resonance guitars. Due to the high demand for these guitars, the production of banjos and mandolins has meanwhile been stopped.

Some guitarists consider heritage guitars to be the "best Gibsons".

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