Eagle (software)

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Basic data

developer CadSoft Computer GmbH
Current  version 9.5.0
operating system Linux , OS X , Windows
category EDA
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

EAGLE is an EDA program from CadSoft for creating printed circuit boards . The name is an initial word , formed from E mple A nzuwendender G rafischer L ayout- E Ditor (engl .: E asily A pplicable G raphical L ayout E Ditor). EAGLE and CadSoft were sold to Premier Farnell , an electronic components supplier , in September 2009 . In June 2016, EAGLE was then sold to the US company Autodesk .

The software consists of several components: layout editor, circuit diagram editor, autorouter and component database. It is available for the Microsoft Windows , Linux and OS X platforms .

With version 6, the manufacturer switched from a proprietary data format for u. a. Schematics and layouts to an XML data format.

From version 8, EAGLE is only available as a subscription model. There is no longer a standalone version. You must also be connected to the Internet every 30 days to confirm licensing.


As of 2017, Eagle is sold with the following time-limited licenses:

version Circuit diagrams per project Number of layers PCB size commercial / non-commercial costs per month costs per year
Premium 999 16 4 m² any 65 USD 520 USD
Student and educator 999 16 4 m² only for teaching free free
Standard (not for new customers) 99 4th 160 cm² any 15 USD 100 USD
Free 2 2 80 cm² individuals only and non-commercial only free free

Until 2017, Eagle was sold as an unlimited product in versions with different properties:

Overview of the different EAGLE license versions
version Number of
circuit diagram
Number of
Size of
routing area
[mm × mm]
default 2 2 0100 × 8000 commercial use
Premium 99 6th 0160 × 1000 commercial use
Ultimate 999 16 4000 × 4000 commercial use
Premium LS 99 6th 160 × 100 commercial use, schematic + layout editor only
Ultimate LS 999 16 4000 × 4000 commercial use, schematic + layout editor only
Maker 99 6th 160 × 100 non-commercial use
Educational 99 6th 160 × 100 non-commercial use, for universities and students (proof required)
express 2 2 0100 × 8000 free version for non-commercial use

Multi-user licenses were only available for EAGLE-Premium and EAGLE-Ultimate .

Set January 2020, EAGLE is only available in a package with Fusion 360.


In 1992, CadSoft sent thousands of floppy disks with a demo version of the Eagle software. In addition to the demo version, this disk contained a spy program that was supposed to discover copies made under copyright law. If they were supposedly discovered, the users were encouraged to reveal their address by means of a supposed order form for a free manual. Thereupon this mail received from attorneys of the CadSoft with the accusation of using pirated copies.


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