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Area of ​​Expertise Economics
language English
First edition 1933
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Joel Sobel
editor The Econometric Society
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Econometrica is one of the leading economic journals . It has been published by the Econometric Society since 1933 and appears bimonthly. Currently (2016) Joel Sobel is its editor. Despite its name, the journal doesn't exclusively publish econometric articles .


In the journal list of the Handelsblatt Ranking VWL (2008), Econometrica is placed in the highest category and is one of the five leading economic journals. The magazine ranking of the British Association of Business Schools (2010) places it in the best category 4 * . Another study by the French economists Pierre-Phillippe Combes and Laurent Linnemer ranks the journal in fourth place in the best AAA category.

The Econometrica Impact Factor in 2012 was 3.823. According to the statistics of the Social Sciences Citation Index , the journal is one of the five most cited journals in the field of economics with this impact factor. In the Mathematical Methods category , Econometrica was ranked 2nd out of 45 journals.

Individual evidence

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