Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Street performers at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (also Edinburgh Fringe or just The Fringe ) is the world's largest cultural festival and takes place annually in Edinburgh in August . In 2015, it offered 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows over a period of 25 days.

The Fringe was founded in 1947 when eight theater groups wanted to take advantage of the large number of expected visitors to the Edinburgh Festival , which was also held for the first time this year , by organizing their own "unofficial" performances. Since then, the Fringe has surpassed the official festival, has its own organization and staff, and sells more than a million tickets a year.

The fringe is geared almost entirely to the performing arts, especially theater and comedy; the spectrum ranges from Shakespeare to the experimental. Some fringe venues are regular theaters and regularly sell hundreds of tickets to a performance; others are converted churches or even living rooms and attract single-digit audiences. At first there was animosity between the fringe and the official festival, but these have now disappeared.

The Edinburgh Fringe has inspired a global circle of festivals in Canadian, American, Australian and European cities. Fringe festivals are characterized by their selection process without a jury and the large number and breadth of content of the events.

The prestigious Perrier Comedy Awards are presented at the Festival Fringe.

In 2007 there were protests on the occasion of the performance of the play Jihad - the musical .

List of venues

For the Fringe Festival, in addition to existing stages, many other temporary venues in z. B. Community rooms, clubs or churches created.

Some of the established stages are:

  • Assembly Rooms
  • Aurora Nova
  • C venues
  • Gilded balloon
  • Pleasance
  • theSpaceUK
  • Sweet venues
  • Underbelly

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