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Independent work ( acronym : EVA, alternatively learning to learn ) is a method for school lessons to promote certain key qualifications in students, such as independence , methodological skills , communication skills , teamwork , creativity , initiative , determination , sense of responsibility . The method, which has recently become increasingly popular among educators, has been systematized and marketed under this term by Heinz Klippert in recent years . For teaching in primary and secondary schools, it forms a methodological counterpoint to purely teacher-centered teaching or frontal teaching , in which all relevant structural elements of an hour or teaching phase are specified by the teacher. However, according to Klippert, it would be difficult for students to acquire the above-mentioned key qualifications if only the teacher excerpts, structures, interprets, analyzes, argues, organizes, solves problems or otherwise manages and dominates the lessons.

High forms of EVA are, for example, project work , station operations or weekly schedule lessons . In order to integrate this into the learning process, the EVA method provides a small-step approach and extensive introductory phases.

The intensification of independent work and learning requires that students have so-called sustainable methodical skills and routines. It is hoped that the use of the method will build up personal learning success and sustainable motivation.

In the past, points of criticism were the apparent slowing down of the classroom and the concern that weaker students could be overwhelmed by the apparently lacking instructions in the EVA if, for example, basic qualifications are not reliably introduced as a prerequisite for EVA.

Since EVA shifts its main weight in the learning process from pure specialist knowledge towards the (technical) competencies of a student, the method requires a thorough introduction of basic competencies such as common learning and working techniques (marking, excerpting, structuring and visualizing ). Basic argumentation and communication techniques and the systematic cultivation of the ability to work in a team must also be learned, practiced and constantly cultivated in regular lessons. Only these basic qualifications ( method training , communication training and team development ) form a solid foundation for EVA.

For the work of the teacher, the EVA method brings about a serious change in the previously prevalent role understanding in Germany. He is no longer the initiator and the sole instructor, but more a moderator, advisor and arranger.

Independent work and learning is characterized by a clear reference to the curriculum and topic as well as by intensive in-depth study of individual topics. In this way, content-related and methodological skills are to be built up over the long term. The term learning spiral is intended to prove this "penetrating" learning.


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