Railway Austria

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Railway Austria

Area of ​​Expertise Railway system
language German
publishing company Minirex AG Lucerne ( Switzerland )
First edition 1995
Frequency of publication monthly, eleven issues per year
Editor-in-chief Walter von Andrian
editor Walter von Andrian
Web link www.minirex.ch
ISSN (print)

The Austrian Railway ( ) is a specialist railway magazine. It has been published by Minirex Verlag in Lucerne since 1995 and, according to its own statement, deals critically and actively with what is happening in the railway world.

The EÖ appears monthly. About half of the issue is devoted to Austrian topics; the other half of the reports relate to other, mostly European, countries, with the focus on neighboring countries. Some of the pages also appear in the sister magazines Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue and Eisenbahn-Revue International . Selected articles are also published in the English-language magazine Railway Update , which appears every two months.

The publisher of the EÖ is Walter von Andrian (Lucerne), Alfred Horn (Vienna) acts as editor-in-chief .


Founded in 1948, the first year of the magazine was published under the title Die Modelleisenbahn - railway technical specialist journal for model construction , published by the First Austrian Railway Modeling Club at the Viennese publisher Ployer . The focus of the content was accordingly on the self-construction of model railways with special consideration of the economic situation in the immediate post-war period. The role model reporting was part of the scope of the magazine from the first issue. In the second year of publication, the editors renamed the magazine Railway and put the focus on the real railway. The model railroad section remained part of the booklet as a quasi-independent supplement with its own editorial team under the title Die Modelleisenbahn , and in later years it was printed on the middle pages of the booklet for easier separation. In July 1966 the magazine switched to Bohmann-Verlag . For long periods of its existence, the "railway" was also the official communication organ of the Association of Railway Friends (until 1974) and several model railway associations. In 1994, Bohmann-Verlag separated from the magazine that had been published by the Swiss publisher Minirex since 1995 under the title Eisenbahn Österreich .

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