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Chocolate ice cream cake

An ice cream cake is an ice cream dish . There are two types of ice cream cakes: they are either cakes whose bases are filled and coated with ice cream or semi-frozen foods, or they consist entirely of ice cream - without pastry bases. In contrast to the hemispherical ice cream bombs , the ice cream cakes have a flatter shape.

Birthday ice cream cake

For the filling, weakly frozen ice parfait is usually used, which is then hardened in the freezer. Cream fillings with fruits or chopped couverture are also possible, which are then hardened in the freezer.

Ice cream cakes made from pastry bases can be assembled from biscuit or meringue bases . The base and intermediate floors are filled with ice cream and coated, left to harden in the freezer and then decorated with whipped cream, fruit or other decorations, but they can only be decorated shortly before consumption.

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