elm (e-mail program)

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Elm screenshot.png
Basic data

developer Intuitive systems
Publishing year 1986
Current  version 2.5.8
(August 18, 2005)
operating system Unix-like
category E-mail program
License BSD -like

elm ( El ectronic M ailer ) is a free console-based e-mail program for Unix-like operating systems . It was programmed by Dave Taylor, employee of Hewlett-Packard , starting in 1986. Development was later continued at the University of Virginia under the direction of Bill Pemberton . The program is available as free software under a BSD- like license. The heyday of its popularity lasted until around 1995. Mutt and Pine are inspired by elm and took over the legacy. The last version (2.5.8) was released in August 2005.

The development of elm was motivated by the fact that the e-mail programs available at the time under Unix only worked line-oriented and therefore did not offer a flat user interface . As a full-screen program according to the standards of the time, elm was a real step forward in terms of usability and interactivity.

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