Engelbert I (Brienne)

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Engelbert I († after 968) was a Count of Brienne and the first known representative of his family to be the progenitor of the House of Brienne .

Flodoard von Reims reports for the year 951 that King Ludwig IV "the overseas" besieged and razed the castle of Brienne because its owners, the brothers Gotbert and Engelbert, had raided the surrounding area with raids. Engelbert von Brienne was possibly identical with a person of the same name who is mentioned in a document from Duke Giselbert of Burgundy in the fifteenth year of the reign of the same king (950/51) . Obviously Engelbert was able to rebuild the castle of Brienne, as it continued to serve him and his descendants as the ancestral seat and center of their county. In 968 Engelbert appears for the last time as a documentary witness of his neighbor, Count Adson von Rosnay , here for the first time with the title of a Count (Ingelberti comitis) .

His successor Engelbert II was apparently his son.


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around 950 – after 968
Engelbert II.