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As Ergatogyne (Greek ergatos "workers" gyne "woman") is referred to in the ants ergatomorphe and intermorphe females who are reproductively active, and thus the function of the Queen hold. Such forms occur mainly in socially parasitic (e.g. Formicoxenus , Harpagoxenus , Plagiolepis ), but also in some independently living ant genera ( Leptothorax , Monomorium , Leptomyrmex , Aphaenogaster phalangium , Blepharidatta brasiliensis ).

Ergatogyns develop primarily in primitive species of ants that look for food outside the nest during colony establishment.

Many species in New Caledonia , an old, very isolated island, have ergatogynes. Their inability to fly is similar to that of many birds and insects on oceanic islands.