Nutrition plan

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A nutrition plan is an overview of your personal food intake over a specified period of time.


Mostly the purpose is to plan a diet (diet plan). Likewise, a nutrition plan can also serve to support muscle building or to improve digestion . The nutrition plan can contain various information, depending on the purpose. As a rule, information such as time, quantity of each food and the associated information ( carbohydrates , lipids , proteins , physiological calorific value , micronutrients ) are recorded for each meal .

Technically sound diet plans by dietitians , diet doctors , Trophologen , dieticians , nutritionists or dietitians created in pregnancies , illness or bodybuilding prevent deficiencies to avoid accumulating precipitating factors or to achieve desired effects. Quality assurance in the preparation of nutrition plans is ensured through advanced training and the award of certificates from the relevant associations such as B. sought by the DGE .