History of publication

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The Flow of publication describes the course of the publication of newspapers , magazines , multi-volume works and works with repeated runs. The periodicity and publisher as well as the name can change.

Today, the count usually begins in January, i.e. at the beginning of a calendar year. But it can also be dependent on economic circumstances, e.g. B. financial years, e.g. B. start in October. This is particularly important when publishing magazines in the 19th century. The year census can, among other things, jump out of political considerations, i.e. it can be changed arbitrarily, e.g. B. at the Deutsches Ärzteblatt .

The changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar at the end of the 17th or beginning of the 18th century can be important for calculating the date of publication to the day in certain regions .

Individual evidence

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