Eugene Kashpureff

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Eugene E. Kashpureff (* 1964 or 1965) is a developer of network solutions and was a board member of AlterNIC Inc., Seattle.

The attack on the DNA

Kashpureff managed a competing company to InterNIC , and wanted to take over the previous task of InterNIC to ensure the domain allocation with his company AlterNIC . In order to demonstrate his technical superiority over the InterNIC, he used a program error in the name server BIND to redirect the domain to the AlterNIC homepage via cache poisoning from July 12, 1997. The program error had already been fixed in BIND versions 4.9.6 and 8.1.1, but the new versions were not yet distributed on all name servers in the Internet. After this action he was wanted by the police in the USA, fled to Canada, where he was picked up by the authorities and extradited to the USA. There he received a two-year suspended sentence and a $ 100 fine - the cost of a domain for two years at the time.

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