Euphronius of Autun

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Euphronius of Autun (died after 475) was Bishop of Autun from around 451 until his death .

Euphronius came from Autun and probably from a Gallo-Roman senatorial family, at least there were family ties to noble circles (such as the family of Gregory of Langres , whose uncle he was possibly). As a priest he founded the Symphorianusbasilika in Autun, since around 451 he has been the city's bishop, as is evident from a mention in the Chronicle of Hydatius of Aquae Flaviae (Hydatius, see also 451). In his function as bishop, Euphronius sent a marble slab for the grave of St. Martin , which Gregory of Tours explicitly emphasizes in his histories (Gregory, Historien II 15). Euphronius intervened in a controversial bishopric in Chalon-sur-Saône around 470 and also took part in the Council of Arles (around 475), after which he probably died.


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