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The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) is an association of scholars that endeavors to promote Japan- related research and interest in Japan, especially in Europe .

The members of the association, which was founded in 1973, are made up of scientists who study Japan and people from Europe, the USA and Japan who are interested in research on Japan . With currently around 1000 members from 45 nations, the EAJS is the largest research organization specializing in Japan.


EAJS supports academic exchange across national borders and strives to overcome language barriers and differences in academic conventions and disciplines. In addition, the EAJS wants to offer an exchange and discussion platform for scientists who deal with a wide variety of topics in Japanese research. For example, youth are scientists by foreign scholarships worth up to € 5000 or EAJS-funded readings and dissertations - workshops supported.


Since 1976, the EAJS has organized a conference in a European city every three years, at which scientists have the opportunity to meet people from other scientific disciplines and to exchange ideas with them. Guest speakers are invited to give a general overview of their research or field of interest. The 15th conference took place in Lisbon in 2017 , the conference venue for 2020 is Ghent .

Furthermore, the EAJS publishes a bulletin once a year , which contains information on the EAJS itself, other Japan-related organizations, current events or publications.

All EAJS activities are financially supported to a large extent by the Japan Foundation , the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) and the industry.

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