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The Evangelical Youth Organization Hessen (EJW Hessen) is the umbrella organization for several Protestant youth organizations in Hessen .


In 1898 Albert Hamel founded a biblical circle for high school students (BK) in Frankfurt . In 1911 a separate scout department is founded (see Heliand scouting body ). The work spreads to other cities in the greater Frankfurt area. In Frankfurt in 1932 the BK groups merged with the groups of the YMCA and founded the Evangelical Young Men’s Association (EJW) Frankfurt. After the ban and integration into the Hitler Youth , work in the EJW began again in 1945. Since there has also been work with girls since 1971, it was renamed “Evangelisches Jugendwerk”. In 1989, with the founding of today's Heliand Girl Scouts, the scouting work for girls begins.


The member organizations are responsible for group work in church parishes and for looking after volunteer workers and scout guides on site. The umbrella organization is responsible for the training and further education of the volunteer employees and scout guides, the supraregional events and the mostly two-week summer camps.

On site, the groups of the EJW work closely with church parishes (funding, premises, participation in parish festivals and church services ...). The groups see themselves as community youth.

Structure in specialist groups

The association is divided into three specialist groups
  • The employees of the Heliand workforce (HM) lead the youth groups and youth groups in the parishes. There are both coeducational and separate groups, depending on availability and demand. Various leisure time periods are offered during the summer holidays. The approximately 250 volunteers are looked after by nine full-time employees.
  • The scout leaders of the Heliand scouting body organize evangelical, scouting-allied work with boys. The approximately 90 volunteer scout guides are supported by a full-time employee.
  • The scout leaders of the Heliand Boy Scout Association (HMP) organize evangelical, scouting-allied work with girls. (The abbreviation denotes the original name Heliand Girl Scouting). The approximately 20 volunteer scout guides are supported by a fee worker.
    The members of the HMP wear burgundy shirts and blue and white scarves. Like the HP, they do traditional scouting work. Joint activities such as the annual musical and creative weekend or field games as well as helper services (e.g. at the Kirchentag ) have created a friendship between the two groups and have many similarities, e.g. B. with songs brought.

The Heliand Brotherhood is a community of faith and action with a common way of life, from which a shared responsibility for the EJW results.

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