Loughborough FC

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Loughborough FC
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Basic data
Surname Loughborough Football Club
Seat Loughborough
founding 1891
resolution 1900
First soccer team
Venue Athletic Ground
Places about 10,000
league Second Division
1899/1900 16th place

Loughborough Football Club was an English football club from Loughborough , Leicestershire , which played five seasons in the Football League Second Division from 1895 to 1900 .

Successor clubs

  • Loughborough Corinthians : founded in 1903, the club was successful in a number of FA Cup games, but, like its predecessor, dissolved in 1933.
  • Loughborough United : founded in 1960, after also a few FA Cup games and winning the Midland League, the club was dissolved in 1973.
  • Loughborough FC : founded in 1988, tried in the Central Midlands League, disbanded in 1990
  • Loughborough Athletic : Today's successor club, founded in 2001, tried its hand at the Midland Football Combination, but was relegated and now plays in the 13th highest English division, the North Leicestershire Football League.