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FTE is an abbreviation for:

  • Failure-to-enroll rate , biometrics - the probability that a specific user will not be able to complete a full enrollment
  • Flow-to-equity , a term used in business administration, see FTE approach
  • Forum Train Europe , framework organization for the coordination of international travel and freight traffic conditions in European rail traffic, see European Passenger Train Timetable Conference
  • Research and technology development , a term used in Austria in connection with research policy and the Council for Research and Technology Development
  • FTE automotive GmbH, global automotive supplier of hydraulic brake and clutch systems, headquarters in Ebern, Bavaria
  • Full Time Equivalent , English for full-time equivalent , a measure in personnel management
  • IATA airport code for the airport Aeropuerto Internacional de El Calafate - Comandante Armando Tola in El Calafate in the province of Santa Cruz (Argentina)
  • FTE (Editor) , a multi-platform editor for PCs

Fte stands for:

  • Fte maximal , manufacturer of satellite systems, branch office Germany, Werne