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description Trade magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Long-haul drivers, transport & utility vehicles
language German
publishing company EuroTransportMedia Publishing and Event GmbH (Germany)
Frequency of publication four weeks
Sold edition 16,887 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 17,929 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Editor-in-chief Oliver Trost
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FERNFAHRER magazine is a specialist magazine published in Germany by EuroTransportMedia Verlag for truck drivers, freight forwarders and decision-makers in the commercial vehicle industry. It first appeared in 1981 under the title: FERNFAHRER-Zeitung , since 1983 it has been called Fernfahrer.

The trade magazine appears monthly. The circulation is 17,929 copies, of which around 3,200 are abroad.

The magazine contains vehicle tests, driving reports and reports as well as reports on technical innovations and current developments in the commercial vehicle and transport sector. In line with the self-image of the magazine as the mouthpiece of the drivers' concerns, they also have their own say.

Inserts are often added, such as the Autohof-Guide , from 2004 the special supplement Modelltrucks and from 2005 the supplement The best brands .

Online service

The FERNFAHRER trade journal also includes an online service , newsletter and a target-specific website. Lots of video reports, downloads, articles from the TV show "N 24" and picture galleries. "FERNFAHRER Online" had a total of 405,125 page views in the year (as of August 2009).

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