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FAIRklemmt production in the Harzkreis-Quedlinburg community

A clamp binder is a device for quickly and repeatedly binding loose-leaf collections into books.

The clamp binder is similar to a hardcover binding with a spine and two book covers . In the spine of the book, however, there is a steel spring whose job it is to hold the book block together later . If the book covers are pushed apart by more than approx. 270 ° , the spring opens and the book block can be inserted, removed, supplemented by individual sheets or reduced by individual sheets. The process only takes a few seconds, and the fully bound book looks like a hardcover book. Typical formats are A4 and A5, the maximum filling height is usually 2 cm .

In contrast to other binding methods, the cover can be reused by removing the old book block and replacing it with a new one. In this way the binder can be used for new content. Furthermore, no machines are required for binding. Since the book block does not have to be glued, stapled or sewn, it can be removed at any time and used as a template for other copies. In addition, the leaves are not damaged, as is the case with punching, for example.

Clamp binders were therefore often used by libraries in the past when books were more frequently published in deliveries , ie individual parts of the book were gradually published and delivered unbound. The buyer could keep the already existing deliveries in a clamp binder and use them until the book was given a hard cover after the last delivery appeared.

In the GDR , a clamp binder in A5 format was part of the typical equipment of a first grader. This was filled with exercise sheets over the course of the school year, which were gradually distributed.

Clamp binders are still produced today in Weddersleben in the Vorharz region . From the tradition of a paper manufacture from 1549, the production of VEB Kartonagen Quedlinburg was continued in 1990 in the newly founded Lebenshilfe Harzkreis-Quedlinburg. Here people with mental, physical and psychological disabilities are given the opportunity to work responsibly. Products with a high quality design are handcrafted here. The long-life clip binders and other items for offices, presentations and restaurants are sold under the FAIRklemmt brand.

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