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As remote control any possibility of targeted is mechanical , hydraulic or pneumatic , electrical and / or electronic influence and control of appliances, equipment or other devices referred to, this being a distance, that is, a distance can be made from said device must, therefore, not directly controls attached to the device.

Often no distinction is made as to whether the reporting direction is also instrumented.

General statement

A remote control is usually used when the device to be operated is not in the same housing as its control element. Examples are the switch of a ceiling light, the pull lever of a bicycle brake , the remote control of a television, the use of a server from the home PC or the control of a model airplane.

Communications engineering

If the signal is transmitted via (public) telecommunication networks , one speaks of telecontrol .

power grid

Since at least 1965, audio frequency signals from the electricity network operator have been switching consumers on and off late in the evening and off in the morning at the opted "interruptible power supply", or night power, at a cheaper energy tariff . For this purpose, ripple control receivers are built into the fuse boxes .


At many railway infrastructure companies, the interlocking and security systems of numerous train stations are remotely controlled or remotely controlled. In principle, the reporting direction is also equipped in accordance with legal regulations. An internal line network is used for all variants. The advantage of a real remote control is the significantly lower wire requirement between the remote control center and the remote-controlled interlockings.

  • Stations without independent interlocking logic , whose route elements and signals are operated from a neighboring interlocking, are remote controlled .
  • Remote controlled stations are those that have their own signal box, but which is remotely controlled from another signal box or an operations center .


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