Festival (software)

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Basic data

Maintainer Rob Clark and Alan Black
developer Center for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) at the University of Edinburgh
Current  version 2.4
(December 25, 2014)
operating system platform independent
programming language C ++
category Speech synthesis
License similar to MIT license
German speaking No

Festival is a speech synthesis software (Engl. Text to speech ), developed at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Supported are u. a. English, Spanish, Welsh, Italian and Finnish languages, with the emphasis on the English language.

The software was written in C ++ and is easier to expand with a Scheme dialect and can be operated interactively. The authors also see festival as a framework for speech synthesis software that can be expanded with its own scheme scripts or integrated into existing software. The license allows the free use and modification of the software and fulfills z. B. the Debian Free Software Guidelines . Integration in proprietary software is permitted.

Programs that use Festival speech synthesis are for example:

Furthermore, the festival serves as a basis for research into speech synthesis per se. Additional voices are available for some languages, and your own can be created.

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