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Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  UK 65 01/21/1984 (4 weeks)
Blue emotion
  UK 59 03/10/1984 (3 weeks)
House of Thorns
  UK 100 10/06/1984 (1 week)

Fiat Lux is an English new wave band and consists of David P. Crickmore, Steve Wright and Ian Nelson.


They had their greatest chart successes in Great Britain in 1984 with Secrets , which reached number 65, and Blue Emotion , which came to number 59. After six singles, the band split, with Solitary Lovers being the last single in 1985 .

It all began at Bretton Hall College in Wakefield in the late 1970s, where Steve Wright and David P. Crickmore attended school. They came together when Wright joined the college band The Juveniles, which Crickmore was already in. Two tracks by the band appeared on the compilation album Household Shocks around 1980 .

After college years, Wright went to the Yorkshire Actors Company. Andrew Winters of that company was a Bill Nelson fan and got Nelson to write music for the show. So a friendship arose between Wright and Nelson.

Wright mentioned that he had a few songs and Nelson suggested they sing them on a tape recorder. At most they could record these songs in Nelson's home studio The Echo Observatory . Instead, Steve Wright asked David Crickmore for help. They booked Ric Rac Studios in Leeds to record a single ( Feels Like Winter Again / This Illness ) for Wright's Cocteau label.

At the same time, Wright and Crickmore started playing this material live as He's Dead Herman . They hired some local musicians to accompany Steve Wright's vocals and David Crickmore's Casio keyboard and guitar. One of these fellow musicians was Bill Nelson's brother Ian Nelson, whom they met through Ada Wilson, another local musician who played in Ian Nelson's band Keeping Dark .

Wright and Crickmore then recorded the songs Feels Like Winter Again and This Illness as a duo with Bill Nelson as the third musician and producer, who changed the band name to Fiat Lux . In 1982 the first single was released. This was played on the radio and became the NME single of the week. At the end of 1982 the band was the opening act for Blancmange on their tour. During this period, Ian Nelson was accepted as a full member of the band. In 1983 they accompanied Howard Jones and Level 42 on their tour. Ian Nelson died on April 23, 2006, his 50th birthday.

On April 19th, 2019 the British label "Cherry Red Records" released the band's entire output on a double CD called "Hired History Plus". A month earlier, Fiat Lux had released the CD "Hired History" with new songs and versions of old songs. Some video clips of the band are available on YouTube today .


Mini LP (EP)

  • Hired History (1984)

Compilation with Fiat Lux song

  • Secrets , on So80s (So Eighties) 10 (2016)


  • Feels Like Winter Again (1982, re-released 1985; B-side: This Illness )
  • Photography (1983; B-side: Aqua Vitae )
  • Secrets (1983; B-side: Comfortable Life )
  • Blue Emotion (1984; B-side: Sleepless Nightmare )
  • House Of Thorns (1984; B-side: Three's Company )
  • Solitary Lovers (1984; B-Side: Three's Company )

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