Financial operation

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Financial operation

description Corporate finance and financial management magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Finance division
language German
publishing company Handelsblatt publishing group
First edition 1999
Frequency of publication monthly (11 issues)
Editor-in-chief Andreas Walter
Managing Editor
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Der Finanz-Betrieb (FB) was a specialist magazine developed from the magazine Der Betrieb , which appeared in 11 issues per year. The first issue appeared in May 1999. The magazine was last published in 2009. From 2010 to 2013, two follow-up titles were published: Corporate Finance Biz and Corporate Finance Law and, since 2014, Corporate Finance . At the end of each year the magazine was also published as an annual volume.

The financial operation had four main sections:

  1. Company: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Private Equity, Management Buy Outs (MBO), Interest and Liquidity Management
  2. Evaluation: company valuation, due diligence, rating, Basel II
  3. Markets: asset management, stock exchange and capital markets, derivative financial instruments
  4. Founding: start-up financing, venture capital, business angels, business plan, corporate succession.

The focus was on technical papers by scientists and practitioners. In addition, there were five reports in each issue, which summarized and prepared reports in the respective category, for example financing or start-up reports. Judgments, analyzes, personalities and book reviews were also published.

The Finanz-Betrieb was supplemented by the quarterly Assessment Practitioner, the Finanz-Betrieb news service and the fortnightly FinanzBetrieb newsletter, and by an online database that could be used via a login when subscribing.

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