Finance Administration Act

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Basic data
Title: Law on Financial Management
Short title: Finance Administration Act
Abbreviation: FVG
Type: Federal law
Scope: Federal Republic of Germany
Legal matter: Financial constitution law , administrative law
References : 600-1
Original version from: September 6, 1950
( Federal Law Gazette p. 448 )
Entry into force on: September 9, 1950
New announcement from: April 4, 2006
( BGBl. I p. 846 , ber.p. 1202 )
Last revision from: August 30, 1971
( BGBl. I pp. 1426, 1427 )
Entry into force of the
new version on:
predominantly 3rd September 1971
Last change by: Art. 7a G of August 12, 2020
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1879, 1886 )
Effective date of the
last change:
January 1, 2021
(Art. 8 G of August 12, 2020)
GESTA : G034
Please note the note on the applicable legal version.

The Financial Administration Act regulates the organization of German financial administration and the interaction between federal and state financial authorities.

Since the second law amending the Finance Administration Act and other laws of December 13, 2007 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 2897 ) came into force on January 1, 2008, the mixed administration at the level of the intermediate level that had been in effect until then has ended.

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