Frivolous innocence

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Original video animation
title Frivolous innocence
Original title フ ロ ン ト イ ノ セ ン ト ~ も う ひ と つ の レ デ デ ィ イ ノ セ ン ト ~
transcription Front Innocent - Mō Hitotsu no Lady Innocent
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
year 2005
Studio EarthWork, Moon Rock
length 27 minutes
genre Hentai , drama
Director Satoshi Urushihara ,
Kinji Yoshimoto
music To Hoo

Frivolous innocence ( Japanese フ ロ ン ト イ ノ セ ン ト ~ も う ひ と つ の レ デ ィ イ ノ セ ン ト ~ , Front Innocent - Mō Hitotsu no Lady Innocent , dt. "~ - Another lady innocence asushi in the anime of March 2005 ") is a pornographic film by Sathaki , the Urm film by Sathos in the Urm movie by Sathos in March 2005 Original video animation was released. In November 2004 a kind of making-of appeared . The Artbook Lady Innocent served as a template .


The main character of the anime is the young woman Faye, who returns to her parents who run a plantation. There she surprises her adoptive brother John and her maid Sophie while they sleep. Sophie does this because of a promise she made to her mistress Faye before she left ("Take good care of my big brother John while I'm away, Sophie."). Faye then joins them. It soon turns out that the unscrupulous landowner has also had an eye on Faye.

Origin and publications

The film was made in the animation studios EarthWork and Moon Rock, both of which specialize in the production of pornographic animated films, hentai .

The film was released directly on DVD as an Original Video Animation (OVA). A making-of was released in Japan as episode 0 on November 11, 2004, the actual film (episode 1) followed on March 10, 2005. The anime was also released in the United States, France and Germany. The German version was published by Trimax.

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