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The Funkhaus Ingolstadt produces three radio programs for Region 10 in Ingolstadt : Radio IN, Radio Galaxy Ingolstadt and the OldieWelle Ingolstadt . Region 10 describes the city of Ingolstadt and the surrounding districts of Eichstätt, Pfaffenhofen and Neuburg / Schrobenhausen. The Funkhaus Ingolstadt is located at Schillerstraße 2 in Ingolstadt.


The shareholders of Funkhaus Ingolstadt GmbH & Co.KG are:

  • Radio IN broadcasting and television provider GmbH
  • DAI Regionalfunk GmbH
  • Neue Welle Ingolstadt Hörfunk- u. TV program provider GmbH
  • Mittelbayerischer Lokalfunk GmbH Broadcasting company


Radio IN

Radio IN broadcasts a 24-hour program. The editorial focus is on current reporting from Ingolstadt, Pfaffenhofen, Eichstätt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany and the world. Radio IN reports live from all games of FC Ingolstadt 04 and the DEL ice hockey club ERC Ingolstadt. The music format includes songs from the 1970s through the 2000s and the best current hits.

The station is freely receivable in the entire region on FM. The frequencies are 95.4 MHz from the transmitter in Großmehring, 99.1 MHz from the transmitter in Eichstätt, 105.4 MHz from the transmitter in Beilngries and 104.8 MHz from the transmitter in Pfaffenhofen. Radio IN's program can be heard throughout Region 10 via these broadcasting systems. In addition, Radio IN broadcasts freely receivable on DAB + channel 11A as well as via cable and freely receivable worldwide via the Internet.

Radio Galaxy Ingolstadt

Radio Galaxy is a radio station that can be received in many parts of Bavaria. The transmitter uses its "Young CHR" format, i. H. Black, hip-hop, dance, house and pop, especially for 14 to 29 year olds. In addition to the “best new music”, the station deals with events and tips for going out in the respective Galaxy City.

In Ingolstadt and the surrounding area, Radio Galaxy can be freely received on VHF. The frequency from the transmitter in Großmehring is 107.9 MHz. In addition, Radio Galaxy broadcasts freely receivable on DAB + channel 11A, as well as via cable and on the worldwide Internet web.


The OldieWelle Ingolstadt is the station with the best oldies and the cult hits from 1950, 1960 and 1970. In addition, the OldieWelle provides its listeners with news and topics from the world and the region.

The program can be received freely via DAB + channel 11A and on the Internet.

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