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Waters Hibiki-nada , Sea of ​​Japan
Geographical location 34 ° 6 '15 "  N , 130 ° 47' 15"  E Coordinates: 34 ° 6 '15 "  N , 130 ° 47' 15"  E
Futaoi-jima (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
surface 2.32 km²
Highest elevation 252  m
Residents 91 (April 1, 2016)
39 inhabitants / km²
main place Futaoijima, Shimonoseki

Futaoi-jima ( Japanese 蓋 井 島 ) is a Japanese island in the Hibiki-nada of the Sea of Japan . It belongs to the town of Shimonoseki , Yamaguchi Prefecture , from which it is about 6 kilometers away.

The island has an area of ​​approximately 2.32 square kilometers and 91 inhabitants.

Meaning and origin of the name

The name literally means "island with the covered well". There are two legends that try to explain this name. According to the first variant, Jingū , the legendary wife of Chūai- Tennō, is said to have visited Futaoijima and praised the island's spring water. It was then protected with a lid. According to the second legend, the spring was provided with a lid so that the water could only be used for Shinto rituals.


The lighthouse Futaoi-jima ( 蓋 井 島 灯台 , -tōdai ) was the first of its kind to be powered by wind power when it was built in 1951.

In the shrine Futaoi Hachiman-gū ( 蓋 井 八 幡 宮 ) Jingū and her son, the Ōjin -tennō are venerated. A big festival ( matsuri ) is held here in summer, autumn and winter .

In the north of the islands there are three sea caves, with the second, 20 m long, small boats can enter.

Every seven years the yama no kami shinji ( 山 ノ 神 神 事 ) is an elaborate, Shinto procession in honor of the mountain gods ( yama no kami ).


There is a regular ferry connection to Shimonoseki (three times a day).

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