GNU in parallel

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GNU in parallel

Basic data

Maintainer Ole Tange
developer GNU project
Current  version 20200622
( June 22, 2020 )
operating system GNU / Linux, BSD operating system, macOS , unix-like system
programming language Pearl
License GNU General Public License, version 3.0 or later

GNU parallel is a shell program for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems that allows the user to execute shell scripts in parallel. Operations are split between the computer's CPU threads , but it is also possible to split them over several computers. GNU parallel is free and was written in Perl by Ole Tange . The provision falls under the GPLv3 .


Typical input files are file, host, user, URL or table lists. Data can also be read from a pipe . The options included are based on well-known Unix programs such as xargs and tee . Loops written in shell can for the most part be replaced by the functions contained in parallel in GNU and can be executed more quickly through parallelization. GNU parallel ensures that the output does not differ from the output that would be computed sequentially. This ensures that the generated output can be used as input for other programs.

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