Gabriela Manser

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Gabriela Manser (* 1962 ) is a Swiss entrepreneur. She is the managing director , chairwoman of the board of directors and owner of Goba AG. The company's best-known product is Flauder lemonade.

Origin and career

Manser's grandfather laid the foundation stone for today's Goba AG. Her parents continued to run the business. Gabriela Manser is a trained kindergarten teacher, trained as a supervisor and team consultant and worked as a school principal. Before taking over her parents' company, she was head of the kindergartens in the city of St. Gallen.

In 1999, Gabriela Manser took over the family business from her parents, the then "Mineralquelle Gontenbad AG", with eight employees. Today the company employs around 60 people.

Manser is known for his commitment and his own profile. She and her team invented the cult drink Flauder, drinks with a quince and rhubarb flavor, Goba Cola sweetened with stevia, “Chalte Kafi” and the organic iced tea “Iisfee”.

Gabriela Manser supports projects to improve water quality with the Goba fund “For water in the world”. She is also committed to getting more women into management positions.

Offices and Awards

Gabriela Manser has been President of the Appenzell Innerrhoden Chamber of Commerce and Industry since June 2018 and sits on the board of the St. Gallen-Appenzell Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

In 2005 Manser was awarded the Prix ​​Veuve Clicquot , which honors entrepreneurs for their commitment, innovation and economic success. In 2007 she was nominated at the Swiss Awards in the business category.

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