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Galeon web browser under SuSE Linux 9.3 / KDE
Galeon web browser under SuSE Linux 9.3 / KDE
Basic data

developer The Galeon Project
Publishing year June 2000
Current  version 2.0.7
( September 27, 2008 )
operating system Unixoids
programming language C.
category Web browser
License GNU General Public License
German speaking Yes

Galeon is a free web browser that was primarily intended for integration into the Gnome desktop environment . The development was stopped in 2008.


He uses Gecko , the HTML rendering engine from Mozilla, to display the web pages . A difference compared to official Mozilla browsers is that instead of the XUL - a pure GTK + -2 surface is used. The further development was finally stopped in September 2008. Galeon's target group were primarily users who preferred a browser that was integrated in Gnome and functionally more diverse than the official Gnome browser Epiphany . In contrast to Epiphany, which is itself a spin-off from Galeon, Galeon is therefore less oriented towards the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and offers numerous setting options and functions.


The first stable version of Galeon, Galeon 0.6, was released in June 2000. In November 2001 the version Galeon 1.0 follows. With Galeon 1.3, the first Gnome 2 version will be released in October 2002.

After disagreements about the design goals of the project and the future of the browser, lead developer Marco Pesenti Gritti left the Galeon team in November 2002 and started a new project with Epiphany. Three years later, in October 2005, it was decided that Galeon would no longer be further developed independently, but that the special Galeon functions would be introduced at Epiphany as extensions.

Version 2.0.0 of Galeon appears in November 2005, Version 2.0.2 will follow in September 2006 and the final version 2.0.7 will appear in September 2008.

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