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Gallery Project

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Basic data

Maintainer Gallery team
Current  version 3.0.9
(June 28, 2013)
programming language PHP
category Web gallery
License GNU GPL
German speaking Yes

Gallery Project or Menalto Gallery is an open source project that has been discontinued in the meantime and enables the management and publication of photos via a web server with PHP support. Photos can be resized, rotated and mirrored, preview images are created automatically. Albums are used to group photos and their hierarchy can be freely determined. It is possible to integrate albums as network drives via WebDAV and to upload and download photos. The system can be adapted via extensions. There is a German translation of the web interface.

The Gallery 2.0 version was released on September 13, 2005 and is still being maintained. The successor version Gallery 3.0 was released on October 5th, 2010.

Gallery 3.0 requires, contrary to the recommended php.ini standard settings, the option "short_open_tag" and officially only supports Apache 2.2 or newer as a web server. Alternative web servers such as Nginx require extensive configuration adjustments in order to map the settings that are carried out using .htaccess files.

Cessation of development

In June 2014, the developers of Gallery announced on their website that they would no longer develop Gallery. The developers have now lost interest in the project and there have been no relevant changes to the code for months. The website is to remain available as a static version for the time being.

Due to the GPL license, anyone can fork Gallery and develop their own version. So far, however, no forks from Gallery are known.

Requirements for Gallery 2

Requirements for Gallery 3

  • PHP - at least version 5.2.3
  • A MySQL 5+ database server
  • Apache web server 2.2 or newer

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