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The deaf education (also hearing impaired education ) is a specialty of special education , which in turn is a specialty of general education . At the same time, it is a branch of audiology . It deals with the upbringing and education of children and young people who have special educational needs due to deafness or hearing impairment . It encompasses all areas of educational activity in dealing with hearing-impaired children and adolescents, from early childhood education to assistance with professional integration. Adult education is also becoming increasingly important.

Deaf education exists at German universities as an independent research and teaching subject. In German university policy, deaf education belongs to the group of small subjects . The subject is represented at the Humboldt University in Berlin , the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich , the Heidelberg University of Education , the University of Hamburg and the University of Cologne . Since 1997, the number of specialist locations and the company's own chairs has gradually increased from initially two chairs in Munich and Cologne to currently (as of June 2019) five chairs and locations. At the universities mentioned, the subject is also taught within the framework of bachelor's and master's degree programs or as part of the teaching degree.

There are different perspectives on the extent to which deaf education should be implemented. While technical (modern hearing aids , cochlear implants ) and medical ( soft surgery ) development, as well as auditory-verbal education, are pushing sign language into the background in school lessons, as effective speech, hearing and general communication training ensures social integration and professional integration are placed in the foreground, deaf self-help associations such as the Swiss Association of the Deaf promote “ bilingual education ”, in which both sign language and spoken language are used. It is the optimal way to a self-determined life.


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