Tufts of straight lines

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A line bundle is a special set of lines in space or plane .

Tufts of straight lines in space

One speaks of a straight line bundle in space when all straight lines run through a common point, the bundle or carrier point , and lie in a common plane , which is referred to as the carrier plane of this straight line bundle. If the tuft or carrier point is at infinity, a parallel tuft of straight lines is created as a special case of the straight tuft .

The tuft of lines is one of the seven basic structures of synthetic projective geometry .

Line bundles in the 2-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system

Line tufts in the plane with a common point of intersection

One speaks of a straight line in the plane if all straight lines run through a common point in this plane, the line point . A pencil of lines can thus also as a special case of a family of functions linear functions to be construed. A line tuft with the tuft point is described by the following tuft equation:

Another special case of a straight line is when the line point is at the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system . In this case the tuft equation is , where the parameter stands for the slope of the straight line . All straight lines of this cluster are thus also straight lines through the origin .

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